Lean, flexible and measurable processes produce the best business results. Applying the same cutting-edge continuous improvement best practices utilized by our clients, kp associates has developed proven, proprietary methods that quickly and consistently deliver A-Players who match our clients’ experience, behavioral, and cultural fit requirements.

Step 1

Define Objectives and Specifications

  • Ensure understanding of the client’s business and culture
  • Obtain client consensus on the position’s scope and responsibilities, compensation elements, reporting relationships and profile of the desired executive
  • Developer a customized Position & Candidate Analysis (PCA)
  • Review and revise final PCA with client to establish the center of the target.

Step 2

Identify and Assess Candidates

  • Identify and confirm target companies and candidates using proprietary research techniques, extensive databases and a global network of high-level “friends of the firm”.
  • Recruit Candidates – one-by-one, personally, relentlessly and effectively.
  • Evaluate candidates against the requirements of the PCA.
  • Prepare detailed Candidate Reports on carefully selected finalists. These Reports require the active participation of each candidate which gives our clients unique insight into how each finalist thinks and writes without “coaching” from their search firm.
  • Present a slate of 3-5 qualified candidates – typically in less than 30 calendar days.

Step 3

Select Finalists and Facilitate Client Interviews

  • Review Candidate Reports with the client, and…..
  • …..bring qualified, enthusiastically interested A-Players into the selection process.
  • Work with the client to help it send the message to each contender that “we are A-Players here, and you, as a fellow A-Player, belong with us”.
  • Obtain complete, detailed, candid feedback from client and candidate to assure rapid determination of mutual interest – focus quickly on the best and most interested candidates.
  • Conduct uniquely thorough reference checks.
  • Prepare comprehensive Reference Reports on each candidate’s strengths and developmental needs.

Step 4

Help Select the New Leader

  • Help the client’s selection team to analyze all finalists and identify its new leader.
  • Work with the client to remove any late-breaking “barriers to acquisition”.
  • Through our Offer Analysis and Recommendation process, help the client identify a compensation and benefits package that will maximize the likelihood of acceptance and assure the new hire delivers his or her “maximum discretionary effort” in the new assignment.

Step 5

Onboarding & Quality Assurance


  • Ensure a smooth transition and assimilation – Conduct 30 day, 6 month, 1 year and 18 month follow up discussions with your new hire.
  • Ensure client satisfaction – Conduct 30 day, 6 month, 1 year and 18 month follow up discussions with the client to ensure customer satisfaction.